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In any election voters must seek information about candidates in order to make an informed decision about why, or why not, to vote for a specific candidate.  The 2008 Wayne County Republican primary has three candidates: Martin Frantz, David Todaro, and yours truly. To this point in the race, the comments I’ve heard (or read) seem to center around why not to vote for one candidate or another. I see this as a communication issue. Specifically, there is not enough credible information regarding what the candidates plan to do upon being elected to that office, or what the candidates have to offer in the area of experience specific to the position of Wayne County Prosecutor.                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 That is why I’ve decided to take the initiative in this race to provide you with information about my history as a prosecuting attorney in Wayne county, to explain to you what I see as critical issues facing that office today, and to explain to you what I envision the office becoming if you elect me to serve you in 2008.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   My specific qualifications and personal biography have been detailed on my website: That is a great place to start to learn about my technical expertise, educational background, and personal history. Beyond the information provided in my personal and professional bios, I would like to share with you my personal experiences I had as an Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor and my plan to bring respect back to that organization if elected.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                When I was hired an Assistant Prosecutor in Wayne county in 1998, I didn’t see it as an entry level position to be used to build my resume so that I could move on to bigger, better, and more lucrative endeavors as a private attorney. For me, representing victims and seeking justice was the big leagues, and I put my heart and soul into my job. Almost immediately I began riding along in police cruisers with officers from several departments in Wayne county during the night shift (after having put in 8 hours at the office, or during my “free time” on the weekends). Naturally, this was voluntary. There was no requirement for me to do this, other than my personal mission to get a better understanding of the issues that face the officers on the street and to see things from their perspectives, as well as those of the victims at the scene of the crime.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Furthermore, I made sure that the various police departments in Wayne county had my home phone number as well as my mobile phone number so that I could answer legal questions from officers 24 hours a day. During my tenure as an assistant prosecutor I handled countless numbers of calls from officers seeking counsel. Once again, these calls did not cost the taxpayers a dime. It was never about money, and it never will be with me. It has always been about doing the thing I love most, and constantly working to improve. I don’t view being a public servant as an 8 hour a day, 40 hour a week endeavor. I saw my salary as the reward for having the privilege to serve the community.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 From my experiences described above, I understood that officers and victims deserved an explanation about why, or why not, a case was prosecuted. If a case needed more information, I made sure to provide the officer and/or the victim with the specific information needed to proceed with the case. In many instances, the officers would go out and get that information and the case would go forward. I’ve heard that some critics have suggested that I have been overzealous in charging cases. I find this criticism to be interesting: that I’ve worked TOO hard to prosecute a case. I can tell you that I firmly believed that I could prove every single case that I charged as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Wayne county.                                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  There has been much speculation about my departure from that office. I can tell you that I resigned—but I didn’t want to leave. It was obvious to me that my morals and ethics did not match those of the organization’s leadership at that time. I was never satisfied with the way my tenure ended and I still have questions that will never be answered. I am at peace with that fact. In seeing how things have turned out since I’ve left, I am not at all surprised. Perhaps leaving when I did was ultimately the very best thing that could have happened. It has opened new doors for me, and perhaps has created an opportunity to come back and provide principles-based leadership that will bring about much needed change.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In looking at the state of the prosecutor’s office today, I see an organization that is like a ship adrift on the ocean without a rudder (or even sails for that matter!). Turnover is high, including the loss of several valuable employees. Scandals have hit the pages of the newspaper. Open communication with the public is virtually non-existent. Respect, in my opinion, is at an all time low. Accountability in these areas rests with the Prosecuting Attorney of Wayne County.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I have developed a vision for improving the environment of that office and returning respect, dignity, and credibility to that office through sound leadership.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    My first step would be to ensure that every single member of that office fully understands their responsibilities and is properly trained, not only in the performance of their jobs, but in the shared values of the office. I will emphasize that talent and experience will be valued, but it will NEVER take the place of integrity in one’s personal and professional lives. I do not believe that public servants should live one set of principals in public and another set of principles in private. In my opinion, the scandals that have rocked that office are a direct result of a lack of clarity in the area of values. Respect for other employees, members of other agencies, and the public is mandatory. Period. In terms of behavior, I believe two types get repeated: good behavior that is rewarded and bad behavior that gets ignored. Under my leadership both good and bad behavior will be acknowledged. I will not only have an open door policy, I will ensure that I meet with all members of the office on a regular basis. I don’t want to just be a problem solver—I want to be a problem seeker, so that I can address issues before it is too late!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Next, I will work to re-establish a climate of open communication with the public, the partner agencies that work with prosecutor’s office, and the courts. I want to continue to be available to address concerns and explain decisions. I won’t pretend to have all the answers, or make excuses to cover up deficiencies. I think I’ve established myself during this campaign as the candidate of communication. That will never change.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lastly, I will carefully recruit and retain personnel who share this vision. Everyone must embrace these ideals in order to best serve the community of Wayne county and to ensure that our efforts are focused and honorable. I cannot imagine retaining anyone who doesn’t recognize the extraordinary need to conduct oneself as a model citizen and professional at all times. I cannot imagine a circumstance where I would ever hesitate to remove a member for a serious violation of ethics, much less the law!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Please take the opportunity to post your thoughts or ask specific questions for me to address here.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I hope it helps you make your decision on March 4th!!



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  1. melissa on

    I have some questions for you, if elected to office what is going to happen to those who work for the county that have bad checks in there record, and they were never prosicuted? There are dispatchers that work for the county and guess what, they are the ones taking the complaints from business and they are not being punished for what they have done. Also these same county dispatchers are loosing their homes to forclosure. Something should be done about this. But since they are working for the county nothing happens to them. I just would like to know what is going to happen to them. Thanks

  2. Danielle on

    Marie-Don’t you think you are over-exagerating? “Scandals that rocked the Prosecutor’s Office”, really? You don’t like Jocelyn and the feeling was mutual. She is no longer with the Prosecutor’s Office so why don’t you just wait your turn and run in 2012?

  3. mlmoore on

    To Melissa: bad checks written to a business or otherwise can only be prosecuted when the victim wants it prosecuted. If the reports come in to the prosecutor’s office for review, and the suspect is identified, and there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime occurred, then the office has an obligation to prosecute. If the business simply wants their money and doesn’t want to follow through on the criminal side, then there is no charge filed. I don’t think the prosecutor’s office should be Big Brother interfering with the way other people run their office unless there is a clear interference with justice occurring in some fashion. So, I don’t know what’s going to happen to the dispatchers you’ve described, but I can tell you where someone works or who they are is not going to factor into my decision, or my assistants’ decision. The foreclosure issue falls into the same category as the bad checks. Thanks for writing, Marie (on a side note, Jocelyn’s check to the travel agency was investigated by law enforcement, but ultimately, she settled the civil case against them)

  4. mlmoore on

    To Danielle: I don’t believe this country’s values require people to “wait their turn” when it comes to serving the citizens, and running for office. My running did not hinge on what Jocelyn did or did not do. Martin Frantz is where the buck stops, and he’s responsible for what happens, or doesn’t, in the office. No, I don’t think its an exaggeration, especially for all the people who know of ALL the things that were happening, and the problems that exist. I’m running on the idea that Wayne County wants positive change in the leadership in the Prosecutor’s office, and I’m the one who will bring that about. Thanks for writing, Marie

  5. Sam on

    There has been a string of losses by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office that runs back for a few years. What are you going to do differently to have successful prosecutions of the cases your office takes to trial?

  6. mlmoore on

    We need to look at those cases and see why the defendant was found Not Guilty. What was needed: more evidence? better evidence? better presentation? did the prosecutor believe in the case? did the jury not like the victim(s) or not like the prosecutor, or not like something else? How could the case be presented differently, to be more effective? should it have been brought at all against that defendant(s)? All of these things need to be examined. Of course, a prosecutor would love to win ALL of the cases, but realistically should win a very high percentage of the cases. Sometimes, you’re just not going to win. I can’t promise I will insure that every case is won if elected. But, I can promise that every effort will be given, preparation made, and dedication to excellence exemplified in the cases presented for trial. Thanks for writing (great question!) Marie

  7. Wellwhatdoyaknow on
  8. mlmoore on

    The above post has been deleted after consultation with a number of people. The post came across as mud-slinging which is not what my campaign is about. This blog is intended to talk about me as a candidate, and my campaign for Wayne County Prosecutor. I appreciate all of my supporters! I appreciate the positive comments made to me and about me!! Thank you all! Marie

  9. Justice4all on

    I don’t have a question, I just have a comment I would like posted here.

    Good Luck and keep getting the word out!!! The more we learn about you the better choice you beoome and the more we learn about the other two the more we understand what you are fighting for!!

    (Sorry, this post was edited in keeping with my comments above. Thanks for your understanding! Marie)

  10. 1road on


    I wish you luck in the primary. I am undecided other than the fact i will not vote for Martin.

    My hope is that you and Mr. Todaro don’t split the vote to the point where Martin will prevail. That would be a true shame.

    The PA’s office is in dire need of change. The person that takes over needs to not only prosecute offenders, but also advise the 3C’s. Do you have any type of relationship with OBrecht, Wiggam or Carmichael? (The last two are my assumed victors)

    Would you work to sniff out some of the corruption, abuse of privledge, and back room dealing in the County Office’s? Would you review the county’s regulations for compliance with the ORC? Would you perform a specific review of a County regulation at the request of a group of citizens if elected?

    I will be asking Mr. Todaro these same questions if his website has the option or by email. I already know martins answers.

    Thank you for your reply.

  11. Boondocks Patriot on

    Regarding the post from wellwhatdoyaknow and your decision to delete it.

    I think you did say that the information was basicly factual and could be easily verified by anyone with a little effort.

    I am sorry to see that courage to tell the electorate factual information that is relevant to the quality of leadership in public office in Wayne county is considered mudslinging. It therefore is no surprise that the Status Quo remains the Status Quo.

    Primaires are about vetting the candidates in all relevant manner to ensure that the electorate knows as much as possible about the ethics, judgement, past performance and attention to detail that each person will bring to the job.

    There is no fourth estate serving the electorate of Wayne County for hard, accurate, detailed and probing reporting of the stories. We have the Daily Residue and the Wooster Weekly Non-event as excuses for newspapers. The former is in the pockets of the powers that be and will bury or ignore anything that is germain to what is really going on, that is why they also deleted wellwhatdoyaknow,s post from their blog just like you did. The latter specializes in reporting on religion, boy scouts and puppy dogs. That is why formats like your blog are vital to the accurate dispersion of information and opinion. They should only be edited for obvious reasons of civility and decorm, not material facts that may rattle the status Quo. The electorate can handle truth spoken to power.

    You may want to take a lesson from Carol White Millhoan’s campaign when she took on a sitting judge and beat him on his record. She published her own newspaper to get the message out about her opponents performance.

    I saw a mailer that Frantz sent out and he is certainly calling you and Todaro on his asessment of your shortcomings.

    Thin skin, avoiding controversy and not speaking to the real issues does not win elections. Entrenched politicians do not give up power you must take it from them.

    BTW I see that your competition has their signs on the main roads around your home turf in Orr town.

    A few people have asked me about your sign availability. What should i tell them as far as obtaining them?


    A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives. – James Madison

  12. mlmoore on

    As far as signs, they can contact me at my office at 683-9474 to get them, or e-mail me from my website, or from the blog. If they don’t have time to get the signs in their yard, please make sure they VOTE on March 4 at the Republican primary!! There are many people who can help getting the signs to them, so please feel free to get in touch! Thanks, Marie

  13. 1road on

    Did you intentional avoid my question? You felt free to give an answer as to where to obtain signs but avoided serious questions regarding your affiliation and how you would treat a specific situation. Is this the type of response we can expect if you get elected. If so, we can just re-elect Martin as this seems to be his standard mode of operation.

  14. mlmoore on

    I did not see a question in your earlier blog. I have to make decisions for my campaign and myself based on my standards- not anyone else’s. I am unaware of what specific question you believe I have failed to answer. If you would like to restate it, I will answer. I am having a meet the candidate function in Doylestown Monday night, so you can certainly meet me there and see who I am and what I’m about personally if you’d like. I have answered every question so far, so I’m not going to start skipping questions now. Thanks, Marie

  15. Wellwhatdoyaknow on

    Boondocks Pariot,
    What an outstanding assessment! I certainly hope to see more comments from you on the DR webpage. Yhank You!

  16. Let Freedom Ring on

    Perhaps you could take the approach that you will allow comments on your ‘blog in which people can post their assessments of the race, including negative views of the other candidates, without responding yourself. YOU would not be mudslinging you would simply be providing an outlet for people to express themselves.

    I think some very relevent facts have been revealed about some of the other candidates, but have been deleted by the DR. The DR did not mind at all whenever visitors to their site posted negative comments about you did they? However, information about one of your opponents was deleted (I assume).

    I agree with boondocks patriot’s post about providing an outlet. If you don’t want to respond to something because it is mudslinging in your opinion just say that, but keep the post so visitor’s can be informed and other’s can respond to the information, either by confirming it or refuting it.

    Voters need to be able to compare and contrast the candidates. When the other candidates remain (relatively) silent such as is the case in this election, then there needs to be a way for the differences to be evaluated. Mr. Frantz did so by mailing out a flyer in which he attempts to show that he is more qualified than Mr. Todaro and you. He revealed information that was detrimental to your cause essentially in his flier by showing his qualifications vs. yours. I think it is inherent in any election for candidates to shed light on the other candidates activities in order to show a contrast.

    You definitely have my vote simply based on the things I’ve learned about the other candidates and I think it would be effective to communicating with the public about how you differ from the others in as many areas as possible.

  17. 1road on

    Let me copy my earlier questions here again and i will number them.

    #1. Do you have any type of relationship with OBrecht, Wiggam or Carmichael? (The last two are my assumed victors)

    #2. Would you work to sniff out some of the corruption, abuse of privledge, and back room dealing in the County Office’s?

    #3. Would you review the county’s regulations for compliance with the ORC?

    #4. Would you perform a specific review of a County regulation at the request of a group of citizens if elected?

    Does this help?

  18. 1road on

    The last two questions are based upon my feeling that there are many regulations that have been imposed upon the Wayne County public that do not comply with the ORC. There are two ways in which you could be requested to review these codes. One if from the County Agency requesting the review. Unlikely asthey made the rule.

    The second way would be from a specific request from a group of citizens from the County. These are the root of my questions.

    Thank you. Sorry if my questions were unclear previously.

  19. mlmoore on

    To Let Freedom Ring I very much appreciate the fact the people want to know who the candidates are. It was a difficult decision for me to do what I did, but the perception of me was being affected by the posts. Hopefully, there will be some avenue where questions can be asked directly to the candidates about whom you and others have questions. I think people are tired of the type of political junk like is being seen between Obama and Clinton, and I don’t want to be associated with that. I hope this blog does provide an outlet for everyone. I am dedicated to the people of Wayne County to give them excellence I everything I do: from this blog to meeting my obligations as Prosecutor if elected. Just like I’m dedicated to giving my clients excellence right now. Thanks for writing, Marie

  20. mlmoore on

    Okay 1road, now I understand:

    1. I know all Obrecht, Wiggam and Carmichael. Whatever type of relationship I have now, it would change if I’m elected because then I would become their attorney. But yes, I know all three and get along with all three well.

    2. I’m not sure what you are referring to specifically, but who someone is and what they do would not factor into any decisions made as to charging, trying or declining charges. I have had to prosecute people I know before, and although its unpleasant, it still had to be done.

    3. I’m not sure what you mean by this question. If a group of citizens asked me to do something- as Prosecutor- and it is within my job description, then it would have to be something to look at. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any scenario that would apply so its hard to give you a good answer. Can you be more specific at least to the extent of giving me an example of what you’re asking?

    4. Again, I’m not sure what you’re asking. Can you give me some sort of example? I’ve typed and deleted four different responses because I want to make sure I answer your question, and I just don’t think I understand it. Thanks for writing, and I’m sorry I didn’t realize what your questions were earlier. Marie

  21. mlmoore on

    My own thoughts: if you believe Martin’s literature, then the only person ever qualified to do his job is him, so we will be sunk when he decides to resign because no one else will ever be qualified.

    Maybe we can decide for ourselves who should be Prosecutor, and not buy into some rhetoric that we need to wait on someone to decide their ready to retire to give us a choice.

  22. Let Freedom Ring on

    Great responses Marie!! To anyone out there that wants to twist and turn Ms. Moores words against her, fine, but when you step into that voting booth on March 4th and have to choose a county prosecutor, ask yourself which candidate was willing to answer questions on YOUR terms and in a public forum. None of the garbage about “call me” or email me. Ms. Moore has been willing to speak publicly about her beliefs and along the way has definitely had some mud slung her way, directly and I believe on the DR site, indirectly.

    If character counts for anything, and you vote your conscience on March 4th, we might have a real shot at change in this county!!!

  23. mlmoore on

    I will say this in answer to funky mojo and the other Martin supporters that believe attacking me is going to make me back down. You should know me better than that by now. I worked for Martin for over four years. Longer than just about any other fulltime assistant. When I left, there was no article about leaving amid imminent firing, There was only one who left under that cloud.

    I want to serve the people of this county because I know what good service is, and I know I give it- whether as an assistant prosecutor or as a lawyer in private practice. Yes, I’ve been attacked, but I’m still here, going as as strong (or stronger) than ever.

    By the way, when you see me Monday night, I will be in a splint. I ruptured my Achilles tendon a week ago, and had surgery yesterday. I can’t go door to door, but my committee is still going strong. God bless them for all they’ve done! I can’t wait to see you Monday in Doylestown! And I will get those directions up on here today. Thanks, Marie

  24. Eric on

    Marie-Posted on your on your website, I have read that David Todaro has a questionable law partner.
    I too have managed to uncover some further information that concerns me.

    A good manager would pay his taxes, right? Then why did the Ohio Department of Taxation file a judgment lien against David Todaro? (#03-048050)

    David invokes the name of the late Jamey Howey every time he can. Then why would he stiff the hospital that is run by the City that Jamey loved? The Wooster Community Hospital had to sue Mr. Todaro in March, 2006.

    If David plans to be prosecutor, he will be collecting real estate taxes from those who don’t pay. David Todaro transferred his house into his wife’s name on 6/15/2004. Afterwards, taxes paid 8/11/2006 were late (the records of the county auditor show that a 5% penalty was paid 9/11/2006.) Taxes paid 5/24/2007 were also late. This time, there was a 10% penalty paid on 7/26/2007.
    Wouldn’t a good manager be able to manage to timely pay the real estate taxes on the house in which he lives?

    Is this how Mr. Todaro intends to run the Prosecutor’s Office?

  25. Let the Guilty Pay on

    I read the article in the DR and noticed that Todaro alluded to the fact that he did not seek the prosecutor’s office, he was approached (I’m paraphrasing here).

    This is very interesting if it wasn’t taken out of context. First, it truly concerns me that someone would go after the position if their heart wasn’t really in it.

    Second, it has been speculated that Todaro is running as a spoiler. I thought that was kind of crazy to invest $ and time in something to run for office to help out someone else. BUT, the way this sounds, he might be unwittingly running as a spoiler. Let’s face it, without Todaro I believe Moore would run away with the election. Perhaps the power brokers in the Republican party knew this and decided to find a patsy. Someone who wasn’t too strong of a candidate to win, but who could take enough votes from the undecided and the anti-Frantz voters and help Frantz hang on.

    Lastly, Todaro acknowledges that practicing law is a secondary career to his business management.

    If Todaro was duped into running by influential people that had other interests in mind, that is unfortunate for him. He may have been used and misled. That would sure explain a lot about the late entry.

    Frantz said he has prosecuted over 100 felonies in 18 years. Even if he prosecuted 199 (doubtful) that would amount to about 11 a year or 1 a month. Given that a large number are pleas, I wonder how many make it to trial. Maybe half or less. Furthermore, how many did he win? Lastly, how many has he personally prosecuted at trial in the past 12 years. Not many I’ll bet.

    He certainly didn’t hesitate to throw mud at Moore without any supporting evidence. He said that she treated police and citizens in a demeaning manner. Haven’t read that anywhere else, and where was the documentation in her personnel file? Obviously Pratt had access to that file, what did she find? Nothing evidently.

    Finally, I would like to know how common it is for a Judge to complain about a prosecutor? Do Judges routinely complain about assistant prosecutors? Did any Judges ever have complaints about Stefancin? Those questions should have been asked to give a frame of reference.

    Ms. Moore, don’t go to a gun fight armed with a knife. You were treated poorly in this article, but all the general public knows is what is written based on some biased reporting in my hunble opinion. Nobody is going to care when the dust settled that the candidates that lost ran a clean race. Martin’s last challenger ran a clean race, but lost (not by much) but I can’t even remember that person’s name. When mud is slung at you I believe you have a right to defend yourself.

    It was sad that Frantz was never asked about any of the scandals that have hit the office in the recent past. Even a HS journalism student would see the need to explore this subject. Keep fighting hard, only a little more than a week until this thing is settled.

  26. mlmoore on

    Here are directions to the Gene Daniels Center (aka the log cabin) in Doylestown:

    Go North on 585 (towards Barberton); at the intersection (traffic light) for Gates St. & 585, turn right; at the “T” intersection turn Left. Just before the top of the hill, turn Left on Pine Lane and you’ll see the Cabin in the second block on the right.

    Hope to you there! Thanks, Marie

  27. mlmoore on

    The tough part of this is watching my husband struggle with reading the personal attacks on me. As a devoted husband, he doesn’t like what’s being said. I don’t either, and what’s particularly frustrating are the lies. But I have decided to take the high road, and not sink to the level of some of the negativity.

    I am excited about all the positives!! So many people calling me and wanting signs for theirs yards- to be able to announce who they are supporting! The people who send money, call with encouragement, tell me they have already voted for me by absentee ballot!! I have been flattered and humbled by the everyone who sees me as their candidate. I believe I can bring positive change and a positive environment to the prosecutor’s office. So many people who agree with me. God bless you! At the end of the day, when I sit and pray, I thank God for the strength and wisdom to get me through the day, and blessings of all of the good things He has sent my way.

    We have just over one more week to go. I hope to see alot of people in Doylestown, and around town as I slowly make my way on my crutches!!!! Thanks for all of your support, Marie

  28. mlmoore on

    I found this on John Kasich’s website, he’s our speaker at the Lincoln Day dinner in March:

    From the Columbus Dispatch:

    Then I recalled a moment from the Clermont County GOP dinner when all heads seemingly bobbed in unison — yes, yes, yes — as the guest speaker, former U.S. Rep. John Kasich of Westerville, said:

    “I look at it today, and I don’t even recognize politics any more. It’s all about name-calling. It’s all about winning elections at all costs. Whether you abandon your principles or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about, ‘I got re-elected.’ Re-elected to do what?

    “Now in politics today, it’s not enough to just defeat your opponent in an election. You’ve got to figure out how to destroy him, how to bring negativity not just on him, but on his children and his spouse. How do you think we’re ever going to get any good people to want to be public servants if from the minute you step into the line of fire until the minute you step out, they shoot you down? We can’t afford this any more.”

    I agree.

  29. 1road on

    Let me follow up and see if I can explain my questions better. The different county agencies all have their own set of codes and regulations that must be followed. Examples would be the , Health Department, Enviromental Services, Planning Department, Building Standards…. When I am referring to the County’s Regulations, these are the types of regs that I am referring when I ask the following questions… I feel that some of these regulations are not in compliance with the ORC, hence the question.

    #3. Would you review the county’s regulations for compliance with the ORC?

    #4. Would you perform a specific review of a County regulation at the request of a group of citizens if elected?

    #5. Are you a member of any clubs or organizations around Wooster?

    I am still trying to find a candidate to support (it wont be Martin).

    Thank you for taking the time and corresponding with me on my questions.

  30. Let the Guilty Pay on

    Was the article in Sunday’s paper about the 2008 primary for the Office of Wayne County Prosecutor biased? Did any one particular candidate benefit from the bias? Did a specific candidate suffer from the bias?

    At first blush, the answer is yes, but are there facts to back that up, or is it merely thin skin? Let’s examine the article.

    The article was approximately 943 words long. Todaro was afforded 258 words or 27% of the article to state his case to be elected to that office. Moore was given 223 words, or about 23% of the article to provide her qualifications. Frantz was allotted 213 words or 22%. Pretty even for the most part, except that there was a considerable amount of space dedicated to the subject of Moore’s departure from the office under Frantz’s tenure. In fact, 178 words, or 19%, dealt with that subject, which forced Moore to attempt to defend herself. The remaining 9% was simple background information about the race.
    Despite at least 3 articles in the DR in 2007 dealing with allegations of misconduct in Frantz’s office, not a single word was printed relating to those incidents. Perhaps the author, who was the same author in the other articles could have asked a question or two about those issues.

    Todaro, who arrived late to the race, was also spared any negative remarks in the article, despite his alleged association with a registered sex offender and some financial issues that have surfaced. Certainly a few questions could have been developed to allow Mr. Todaro the opportunity to clear the air, right?

    So, who gained the most? Since Frantz introduced the subject of Moore’s departure and Moore had to spend considerable time and space to respond, in this author’s opinion, Frantz the % of space afforded to the subject should be added to Frantz’s total, giving him a whopping 41% of the article to further his cause.

    Biased? You decide.

  31. mlmoore on

    okay 1road, let me see if this answers your questions- and thanks for clarifying:

    If citizens brought a questions to me, and I determined that to answer or search for answers would be within my job requirements, then yes, I would examine the issues presented. If they did not fall within my job description, I would then refer them on to where they needed to be referred, if I knew. As far as a general review of county regs, that sounds like a monumental task, so I would have to have pretty compelling reasons to do that. If those reasons existed, although I think it would be a more piecemeal approach, and it was within my job, then I would do it or have it done.

    I am a member of Quota International, Wooster and Orrville Chamber of Commerce; Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Coalition; past member of the Wayne County Comprehensive Plan Audit Committee; past member of Wooster Rotary, member of St. James Episcopal Church for which I was just elected to Vestry; and I think that’s it……

  32. 1road on

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. Ironically, it was the organizational involvement that just made up my decision as to whom I shall cast my vote for.

  33. mlmoore on

    I’ve heard from many of my law enforcement friends who were not happy about Martin stating I was demeaning to them or anyone else. They will tell you I was the ONLY assistant that showed them respect and dignity from that office. Martin must be feeling desperate about the race for him to out right lie like that.

    On a happier note, the evening in Doylestown went well. It was a small crowd, but one that asked questions and shared information with me as well as I with them. I think everyone took signs for their yards. I enjoyed the evening and enjoyed talking to the folks there.

    With only a week to go, and only a few more things to do, I am looking forward to the votes being counted. The sooner the votes are counted, the sooner we find out if we get the much needed change in leadership, or if we have four more years. If Martin somehow keeps the position, I hope he uses the information from this campaign to generate a positive change in the office so its not just “four more years” of the same old, same old.

    I am the eternal optimist, there is no doubt! Keep the questions coming and contributions to the blog coming! I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Marie

  34. mlmoore on

    1 road, I’m curious, which affiliation made you decide? I won’t ask you what your decision was, because that’s private, and you don’t have to answer my question if you don’t want to. Marie

  35. mlmoore on

    It’s Thursday before the election and the latest article from the DR seems to be another slanted one. I answered every question asked by Christy Pratt, but she didn’t ask me anything about these two latest missives to Martin about me. Chief Rocker and I had a disagreement, we talked on the phone, resolved our differences, and have been friends ever since. In fact I talked to him just some months ago. I’m sorry he was dragged into this, and I hope he doesn’t suffer any ill effects.

    The campaign is winding down as far as time, but seems to be heating up the closer we get to March 4th. I am sticking to my resolve to keep my campaign positive. But, I feel like, if I don’t respond at least to some degree, then some people will get the wrong impression about me. So here’s what I will say:

    First, consider the source. Martin must be feeling the pressure of the race. Of course, everything he says can’t be true….or I would not have worked for him for over 4 years. All the training I did for law enforcement (for free-even provided food!); all the work I did on the difficult cases he sent to me to handle; all the good evaluations; about $8000.00 in raises in four years; being asked to participate in seminars sponsored by law enforcement agencies; being assigned to the office that was “an island” being in Orrville with no direct supervision, and little indirect supervision. All these things speak louder than anything else I could say.

    Consider that Martin has never outlined an corrective action or disciplinary actions he took with me in any of those articles. That’s because he didn’t take any.

    In this day and age, I would think that candidates could present their qualifications, maybe have a debate here and there, and then voter’s could decide with out the no holds barred attacks we’ve seen. My visceral reactions are indignation, but my mind says, this is a political campaign- its not life or death. I’ve been there before, made life or death decisions, and I can keep my perspective on this race.

    What do you think about negative campaigning?? Does it work? Do you find it useful in deciding? If you’d like to share your opinion, I’d like to hear it! Thanks, Marie

  36. Wellwhatdoyaknow on

    In response to your question about the effects of negative campaigning one has only to look to the current power structure within the county seat to see how effective it can be. The last election was a prime example. They are truly masters of manipulating the electorate. Despite the facts that were presented they managed to maintain their power base. This happens it seems because the electorate chooses to remain ignorant of the facts (those that do vote) or shows extreme apathy to the process as a whole (witnessed by the thirty some percent voter turnout). When this happens it is virtually impossible to enact change.

    Some years ago a complaint was lodged against a woman in the county who was providing shelter for an overwhelming number of stray dogs. When a member of the sheriff’s department attempted to contact this person he was greeted with a loaded firearm pointed in his direction. After charges were filed the woman was given a minor sentence. Her response was to run for county commissioner. (I’ll Show them!)The electorate’s response was over twenty five hundred votes for this woman. Fortunately the opposing candidate received more votes. I rest my case.

  37. Betsy Ross on

    I am sure that JS65 is Stefancin. How many female attorneys are there in Wayne County who are democrat, make MORE money than Martin Frantz, and have time all day to bash Marie?

    Damn few.

    Yes, JS65 is Jocelyn, who is in my opinion a mental case. No one wants to spill the beans about Stefancin lying to the court for a continuance (allegedly)? Where was the memo about that incident? Why did Martin not fire her right away?

    (sorry, felt compelled to take the name-calling out of this one, the other I feel is just a euphemism)

  38. mlmoore on

    I am taking the high road and am not going to get into a name-calling contest with anyone. As i mentioned before, that was something that happened to a 15 yr old client of mine by a member of the prosecutor’s office.

    By and large, the campaign has been quite enjoyable. I still want to get out some today to visit some people, so maybe you’ll see me out somewhere! There have been some distasteful parts aswell, which I just don’t think we need. Talking about candidates and asking legitimate questions, talking about issues without trying to destroy people should be the way it all works. Maybe I’m an idealist, but I think if we all reject that behaviour, it will go away, slowly maybe, but ultimately gone. The other races have not involved the same tactics, which I applaud.

    I have tried to engage people in whatever forum they’ve felt comfortable in or contacted me in. I’ve had this blog now for what, 2 weeks or a little longer? It’s been an interesting experience and I appreciate all the support and interest, via posting and blogging. In three days, all this will be over- at least for the primary. I guess we’ll find out March 3rd if anyone else wants to enter the fray for prosecutor. It’s not for the faint of heart, or the weak of stomach.

    Thanks for checking in and I look forward to hearing
    from you! Marie

  39. just a mom on

    Marie, I just wanted to say I am shocked at what I’ve seen over on the daily record web site. A friend of mine emailed me about all of the hoopla going on and that a former prosecuter had lost her marbles and was suffering mental breakdown on the comments part of one of the articles. I never would have known any of this if I hadn’t read what was going on there at that website. I’m sure me and my hubby would have voted for France just because we really dont know you or the other guy or anything about that job. I almost got the nerve up to post this there, but I figured that woman that’s going crazy over there would attack me too. LOL. I’m sorry you had to put up with so much #$%#%$. I can promise you this, there were about 15 people on that email list and I’m sending it on to another 8 who I know are voting Tuesday. i’m sure they will love to see what kind of nuts are working at that office and I’m sure they will vote for you after all youve been thru.

    good luck…I WILL vote for you tuesday.

  40. character counts!! on

    Marie… everytime you post something that contradicts what Jocelyn (js65) writes she fires off a bunch of posts that pushes your post on to the second page. Could you please post your response about interns that was on the DR website here so people can read it?

    At first I didn’t know why js65 would support Frantz, but as someone pointed out on that message board, he’s the only one that will protect her from criminal charges…wonder why??

    I haven’t read any posts from people from Frantz’s office coming out and saying he is a great person to work for or defending him…hmmm.

    She said you created her (LOL) what a looney tune!!!

    It’s scary to think that this woman (js65) was able to work as a prosecutor for all those years!!!

  41. mlmoore on

    By request, here’s the “intern” post:

    Interns are law students who have completed, I believe, 2/3 of their education. They have not yet taken the bar exam. They can only work in offices such as the public defender’s office or the prosecutor’s office. They are law clerks who can be given some measure of responsibility, but have to answer directly to an attorney daily. When I interned at the City of Akron, among my other duties, I called cases for the Judge arraignment; tried minor misdemeanor traffic cases, assisted attorneys with their caseload, and substituted for trial counsel when they were sick or on vacation. When I did that I could not enter a plea deal without specific permission from my supervising attorney.

    Once one has finished law school and passed the bar, then they don’t need to be relegated back to law clerk status. As when in a law firm, they are given lawyers duties, like representing clients and handling trials, briefs and whatever else.

    One of the complaints with the prosecutor’s office over the last couple or years has been that the muni prosecutors could not reduce or dismiss cases without specific approval from the chief assistant prosecutor even though she was not involved directly in the review of those cases, or of the interviewing of the witnesses, or in discussions with defense counsel.

    If you’re going to hire lawyers, you need to treat them as such. There has been ALOT of turnover in muni court in the last 5 years.. some referred to the above problems as reasons why.

    That doesn’t mean you treat interns poorly. Quite the contrary, you treat them well, give them experience to their level of knowledge; give them the exposure to as much as possible, and hope that when they graduate, you’ve added to their education and, in addition, they may want to come work for you.

    Regarding staff in the office (paralegals and secretaries), don’t be fooled they are the most important people in any office. They are the ones who make everything go smoothly and correctly. I have always treated everyone with respect, and given them the dignity they deserve. Just to respond to something that was said earlier.

  42. Mom on

    I have to comment on all the comments about my daughter. She is one of the finest people I know and one of the smartest.
    When people chose to make ugly comments, tell lies and otherwise make themselves unpleasant, it is called “mud-slinging.” The “mud” leaves behind dirty hands and reveals the petty and jealous hearts behind such actions. My daughter has done all she can to run a clean campaign and I applaud her. I’m proud of my daughter. Can the parents of those with mud on their hands say the same?

  43. mlmoore on

    Thanks Mom.

    I have managed people before, in the private sector. Not only have I done it, but I have gone to training about managing people. I have also read books about leadership styles of famous leaders, which included analysis of the leadership style and why it worked or didn’t. I have paid close attention to the leadership of others, when its worked and not worked. There are some great role models in this county for good leadership, about whom articles are written every day. I try to take something from every experience and book and article and person and incorporate that into my work.

    The “lawyers are supposed to be the cream of the crop comment” has gotten a surprising reaction- one I did not anticipate. Interestingly, fanned by another lawyer. Obviously, lawyers and doctors have more education than others. I had to go to undergraduate college for 4 years, then law school for another 3 1/2 years after that. Education does not make you a better person, it makes you a better educated person. In law school, we spend all that time reading cases about people who thought that they had gotten the short end, and how the case resolved to fix the problem.

    Lawyers are taught the law, how it developed and how to figure out how to solve peoples’ problems. (I often tell people I’m a professional problem solver) So, in short they should be held to a high standard of behavior. Arguably higher because they know so much better than others what the law is, how it works, and how they could really sc*** someone over who doesn’t know the law. That’s why its so appalling when lawyers steal money, or take advantage of their clients, or break the law in some other way….because they know better.

    The lines from the Shakespeare play that everyone quotes “kill all the lawyers” actually is taken out of context. Two characters of the play are talking about overthrowing the government, and how to do it, and then they say first, we’ll kill all the lawyers. Meaning, take the rule of law and its guardians out of the way, and anarchy can rule. Lawyers should be above reproach when it comes to dignity, integrity, and a handshake is sufficient to settle the deal. I have known lawyers who I could count on their word for everything. I have also known the opposite.

    So, when I say they SHOULD be the cream of the crop, I am recognizing that they all aren’t. But, of any office in the county- all should be honorable- but of all of them that has to be, the prosecutor’s office is the one. If we can’t believe in the people seeking justice and wielding that much power, whom can we trust? I also have said that the office requires humility. We have seen the maxim played out: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We need to change that. I will.

  44. another mom on

    I also agree that those in the Prosecutor’s office have been corrupted absolutely. I think we have no better candidate to vote for than Marie Moore. The fact that she sees “nefarious” people hiding behind hedges does nothing to sway me from my pledge to cast my vote for her come Tuesday morning.

  45. just another mom on

    I agree with Mare that the Prosecutor’s office is corrupted absolutely! Even though she sometimes sees “nefarious” people behind bushes,nothing will sway me from voting from the only candidate we have who can put some integrity back into that office where and how it needs to be!

  46. kensingtonlawyer on

    I have worked with Marie as opposing counsel on numerous cases over the past several years. I have found her to be a tireless fighter for her clients. She is also a loyal friend who is always willing to help out when needed. I know she has the skills and character to make a great prosecutor. Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

  47. law&order on

    Good luck in the election tomorrow. I know there have been some evil people who’ve set out to twist your words and attack you, but you’ve kept your wits and handled yourself with diginity. I know you will do your best and you’re right when you say Wayne County Deserves Moore.

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in and you have certainly shown it here. Your messages have been twisted around, but anyone who can read can understand what you have said and what you stand for!!

    Your mom should be very proud as are all of us who have your signs in our yards and our votes in the ballot box!!

  48. mlmoore on

    to another mom: I have no idea what that means, but thanks for the endorsement!!

    It’s now 6:57 pm the night before the primary and I feel restful. Excited, but restful. I suppose that will change at some point tomorrow. I had hoped to take tomorrow off, but duty calls and I have to go to court and handle some other things, but come the evening, I’ll be watching for results like everyone else.

    I know we have gotten good information out, talked to lots of wonderful people; met great supporters; heard from alot of people who joined me in the idea we need a change; and overall heard from Wayne Countians about how they didn’t like how things were going. So to everyone You Deserve Moore, and You can Get Moore on March 4th 2008! Thanks, Marie

    Here’s hoping the weather isn’t as bad as they say! See You at the Polls!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Marie

  49. Suzanne Fenn (Marie's sister) on

    Hi Mimi: You know I’m proud of you regardless of the outcome. You fought the good fight I know you don’t have any regrets (‘cept maybe helping out your hubby with training 🙂 We’ll be thinking about you and praying for you tonight in Michigan and will call you later.

    Love you, Suz

    p.s. when i come see you in office, I want free Krispy Kremes–you can make that happen can’t ya? 🙂

  50. mlmoore on

    Less than three hours until the polls close !! Hope you got your vote in, or that you are on the way. There’s no telling if the weather will play a role or not, but don’t let it stop from you from exercising your voice!!

    We are having a get together at the Rodeway Inn on old Rt. 30, across from McDonald’s. If you want , stop by and see us. You’ll see the sign in the front lobby. I will check in here on the blog about once an hour from now on……I’m still checking for new posts, so feel free to send a blog or e-mail over! Thanks, Marie

  51. mlmoore on

    Lots of people are here now, and its just about hour until the polls close. Run out to vote if you haven’t done so yet !! And we are now up over 2900 hits and they just keep coming!! Sorry, that was kinda bad….anyway, Can’t wait to see the results!!! Look forward to the vote count!! Thanks for stopping by, Marie

  52. mlmoore on

    Well I am absolutely exhausted, and i know my husband and child are too. I would like to say Thank You to all the people who supported me and voted for me!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! My campaign committee is the best, and they worked hard and worked alot. We ran a great campaign, and a long campaign….had lots of fun, met lots of people, and accomplished alot.

    In looking at the numbers, Martin did not win the popular vote. he didn’t even get half of the Republican voters to vote for him. Hopefully, this will get his attention. With no general election opposition, its looking like Mr. Todaro should have weighed in as an independent candidate. But, its done and nothing more to do.

    Many things were accomplished during the campaign, and hopefully, they will continue to be accomplished as a result of the campaign. Many good people staff the current prosecutor’s office so there is the possibility of many good things coming.

    I am proud of our campaign, and I am proud of the way we ran it. What an experience, I’ll say that! Interesting what God leads us to, so we’ll wait and see what’s next. He lead me to the race, and he will lead me to what’s next for me. Good things, I’m sure. I will continue to check this blog for a while, so if you want to post and hope that it has an impact on what happens in the prosecutor’s office in the future, feel free. I’ll keep posting that which appears. Thanks, Marie

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