Three Weeks To The Primary

You know the primary is getting close when the comments are getting nasty.  “Information” shared by people who purport to have the “inside scoop” and who are apparently feeling desperate about their own candidate.  I have been campaigning for almost 10 months now and met lots of people who are ready for a change in the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.  Lots of people who are supporting me, and aren’t worried about nay-sayers who talk about things that are untrue or irrelevant.  People are tired of dirty politics, mud-slinging, and back-room wheeling and dealing.  I’ve run a positive campaign from the beginning, and that won’t change in the next three weeks.  Thanks to all of you who support me and especially thanks to those who are praying for me.  Honestly, this process has taught me a lot about leaning on God for the strength and direction for this campaign.  Please feel free to blog all you want, we’ve got the room!!  Marie


2 comments so far

  1. Four Moore Years on

    The DR site looks like it is going to fade out. This could be the only place to keep the conversations going!!!

    Good Luck Marie…you’ve got tons of support. You’ve done a great job so far and I think people really like the way you reach out to them!!

  2. mlmoore on

    You know, ths is great format to hear from you- the citizens of Wayne County! What would you like to see happen in the prosecutor’s office if I win? Let me know what YOU think! Thanks, Marie

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