Doylestown Event Invitation

Dear Fellow Republican


The last time we sent out a letter like this it was to invite folks to a fund-raiser for Congressman Ralph Regula that we sponsored here in Doylestown.  This invitation is different, but just as important.  We are inviting you to meet a candidate for Wayne County Prosecutor that we find very exciting.  She could teach Hillary and Barack a lot about “change” and that’s why we are excited to invite you to meet Marie Moore.  Marie has been to Doylestown and Chippewa Township many times, but we know there are still a lot of folks who need to meet her.  Marie is an attorney from Orrville, with a prosecuting background and a boatload of managerial ability.  She also knows our community.  It’s time to get control of Wayne County politics out of Wooster and Marie offers a great opportunity to do that.  At this meet-and-greet, you will learn some things that we expect will shock you and what you will learn about Marie will impress you.  So please join us on February 25th at the Gene Daniel Community Center, 7:00 PM.  Refreshments will be served and you will very likely be quite refreshed to meet Marie Moore.




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