Marie Moore

Moore  to run for Wayne County Prosecutor in 2008

(Wooster, OH) May 21, 2007
Marie L. Moore, Attorney At Law has made it official, announcing she will run against incumbant Martin Frantz for Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney. Now in her own private practice, Moore, a former Wayne County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, acknowledged to countywide supporters desiring a change in local political landscape the formation of her campaign committee.A stalwart for protecting abused and neglected children, and other victims of crime, Marie’s associates cite her strengths- intelligence, experience, and immense command of policy detail. As Wayne County’s Prosecuting Attorney, she will provide ethical, competent, and trustworthy leadership as well as insuring that criminals are prosecuted according to law.

Mrs. Moore is holding a kick-off fundraiser in Orrville on May 21st, 2007. “Such an early start is a little unusual,” Marie acknowledges; however, “the primary was moved up to March next year, and that means I need to mobilize the vote sooner rather than later.”


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  1. mlmoore on

    welcome to my blogosphere!! Everyone is welcome and I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Kay Kerr on

    Hello and Good Morning!

    It’s a month out. Keep up the good work! God’s blessings to you and the family!


  3. Boondocks Patriot on

    I am glad to see that someone is running against the incompetence and corruption in the prosecuters office. I hope you are going to point that out in your campaign. You need to get a much better web presense if you expect to get your policy message out to the electorate. I suspect that you could draw a lot of votes from the Democrats if you had a plan to reach them. They are unable to compete in this county with a valid candidate. That is if you can make it through the primary.

    When the government fears the people it is Liberty. When the people fear the government it is tyranny. Thomas Paine

  4. mlmoore on

    In response to a post on the DR website….no there is no tracking software to figure out who it is posting. I don’t even know if such a thing exists. This is not a snooping site- its to talk to people and hear from them. So… you can now await the Wooster Weekly News article about me as the reporter visited me recently, and should be printing the article soon. I’d love to hear frm anybody who has questions about my campaign and what I plan to do and how I plan to do it.

    By the way, only Dems who are willing to change their party affiliation to vote in the Republican primary can vote for me on March 4th. Sorry……election rules, not mine…..

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